Saturday, 4 July 2009

Good things happen in 3s

Hi again! Few things today...

1. Ive basically written a story for the game, not entirely from scratch - it has every last bit of the original story incorporated into it, but will play out so that you would never have to have played the original. The structure will be that the story will mainly take place within 1 cutscene on each level, so as not to take the feel of the game away as well as not to cut up the gameplay too much. This will also allow it to be short and to the point, so if you dont care, its gone quickly, but if you do, theres nothing wasted ;) Look out for around 6 solid story characters.

2. Another modder called 'Suerte' has joined on the MultiPlayer side of the project...oh yeh theres a MP too :P Still working on the logistics of what it will include, but its definately going somewhere...

3. Ive finished recreating/remixing/recording/redoing the main menu theme tune, tell me what you think :)

Click here for the youtube link

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Ive done this before...

I originally worked on this project over a year ago, and had to stop when i went to university. Im definately going to finish it this time, but this is what i made back then:

The MODDB thread where it started- discussions and the screenshots within it: Click Here

The music remix of the original tune from Wolfenstein called "P.O.W.": Click Here

The pitch

Wolfenstein 3D: Source is a project which aims to make a vastly updated version of the original Wolfenstein 3D game within the source engine. Even though i plan to do as much as possible, its an OPEN-MOD project which means anyone can submit anything as a contribution to the mod, be it models, levels, characters, animations, textures, etc. I plan to create textures, level design, create the sound and music, and manage the project overall :D

ME...Im Colonel V, been playing games since wolfenstein 3d was released, and modding since GTA3 was released. I started with character skins, onto ingame textures, and then making small mods affecting in-game scripts and using the community map software. I've since moved onto the Source engine, and mainly level design. Also, I make music, and like to remix random music :)